Over the years our approach to growing has changed. While production has always been paramount, we have come to realise that quality is just as important as quantity. Turns out, the old saying "you are what you eat" doesn't just apply to us humans; it also applies all the way down the food chain, to the tiniest microbes in our soil. 



Several years ago, we stopped using weed sprays and began using products such as fish fertiliser and seaweed in an effort to protect our soil microbes. More recently we have attended two courses, the first of which was by Graham Sait of NTS to learn how to better care for the billions of beneficial micro organisms that live in our soil, and the second by Neil Kinsey of Kinsey agricultural services to learn how to make sure all nutrients and micro nutrients are in their optimal ratio for healthy plant growth. 



These days, we nurture our soil: it has become the solid foundation on which we grow healthy plants, healthy fruit, and ultimately, healthy people. 

Our farming approach...