Ripening Guide...

Avocados are best eaten when fully ripe - at this stage they have softened and flavour has developed fully, delivering the best possible eating experience.


To tell if an avocado is ripe, firstly take note of the colour - any green colouration at all represents an under ripe fruit. Once the avocado has reached a dark purple colour, it is ready to eat. To further confirm, press gently around the ‘neck’ of the avocado - this should feel soft but firm. Avoid testing firmness by directly squeezing the fruit - this will damage the eating quality.


Your avocados will arrive either green, or just starting to show darker hues. This gives you the freedom to ripen them to suit your needs.


To ripen normally - place in the fruitbowl, or anywhere with a mild temperature out of direct sunlight. The avo’s should ripen within 3-4 days of first showing purple colours.


If you wish to accelerate ripening for some/all of your avocados, place in a paper bag with a banana. Bananas produce ethylene, nature's ripening agent, which will considerably speed up the ripening process.


We do not recommend trying to slow the ripening process - as this will hinder full flavour development. Instead, wait until the fruit is ripe, and then refrigerate the whole, uncut fruit, where it will retain its eating qualities for 3 days.